Why Distributors Matter in Every Reseller Business

Why Distributors Matter in Every Reseller Business

Unlike manufacturers, the job of a reseller is completely different. They do business by reselling products that have been purchased from a third party supplier, which is either a manufacturer or distributor.

In most cases, resellers buy products from one or more distributors. Manufacturers usually do not deal directly with resellers. Hence, distributors form a very crucial part in every reseller business. It is difficult to resell products if you are not connected to any distributor.

Resellers buy products from distributors and in order to earn profits sell at a higher price. A small reseller is usually connected to a single distributor but large resellers have business relationship with multiple distributors.

As a reseller, if you want to approach any distributor for business, it is imperative that you have your own online store. Today, buying/selling products is done via ecommerce. Hence without an ecommerce platform, the distributor is unlikely to entertain your business requests.

Also, when choosing a distributor, go for one that comes with an inventory feed. You don’t want to waste your precious time by manually uploading the product catalog. Manual catalog upload is a tedious process, particularly when the distributor is offering large number of products.

D&H Distributing

If you are an IT reseller, connecting with D&H Distributing is a good option. The distributor offers data feed, which ensures electronic transfer of product catalog from the distributor’s server to your ecommerce system.

With D&H Distributing integration, you have access to updated product catalog via ecommerce BackOffice. Login to your back office and you get to view D&H catalog in a well-structured format. View product data such as manufacture name, price, availability etc. Moreover, when the catalog is updated on server side, the changes are reflected on your site daily.

Selling Office Supplies

If you are planning to resell office supplies, it is important that you contact the right distributors. Connect with an Office supplies wholesale distributor that has a track record of delivering quality products. Dealing with suppliers that are notorious for poor shipping and handling will ruin your business.

With demand for office supplies at an all-time high in every sector, selling these products is a very lucrative option. If you are serious about growing your business, sell a wide range of office supplies. This will help you to attract different types of customers to your business. Selling specific type of office supplies will restrict your business considerably.

Ingram Micro Products

In case you are planning to sell a variety of IT products, choose Ingram Micro. It is the largest distributor of technology products all over the world. Apart from IT products, it offers a range of services, which will help you to sell their products easily.

Being a dropship distributor, Ingram Micro makes it even easier to sell its products. Once you have access to Ingram Micro product catalog via its inventory feed, all you have to do is pass every order to the distributor. The distributor ensures that every order placed on your store is delivered right at the customer’s doorsteps. No need to hold inventory

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