Will Electric Scooter Companies Survive in the Future?

Will Electric Scooter Companies Survive in the Future?


Electric Scooters are plug-in electric vehicles that store electricity in a rechargeable battery that drives the vehicle. The future of Electric Scooty Company looks bright with technological advancements being enhanced in this digital era. Electric scooters have paved their way into the automobile sector with a forecasted growth rate of 44% during 2019-2025.

Current Scenario of the Electric Scooter Companies

With the lockdowns being imposed in most of the world's nations due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are refraining from getting into public transports while electric scooters are getting more popular on the roads. After several relaxations in the lockdown process, the government has started realizing the importance of emission-free environment-friendly vehicles to prevent the rise in cars and trucks' usage. For a decade, e-scooters were accessible only to private owners due to their high prices and unaffordable to the general public. But using the advantage of the current scenario, they switched their ways to accessible and affordable scooters, which are rentable by using a smartphone app. More than 100 cities of 20 nations in the world have announced e-scooter sharing schemes to dominate the automobile industry.

Safety and Precautions associated with Electric Scooters

Though electric scooters have started becoming affordable and accessible to commons, there have been major concerns regarding their safety and precautions. There have been many cases of fatal accidents in different nations associated with electric scooters. On the pavements, electric scooters threaten pedestrians and physically disabled people using wheelchairs, especially old and blind people. Using these scooters on roads without adopting any safety measures like road lanes' infrastructure is a risk to society. Moreover, there are no stringent rules and regulations available or designed by law given such violations. Moreover, these scooters are often discarded on footpaths; thus, leading to obstructions on the road.

Future Trends of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters seem to offer valuable prospects with their augmenting affordability, accessibility, and the expected forecast rates being predicted by automobile sector experts and other research-based sources. The increasing government investments and public awareness to develop charging and road lane infrastructure by providing fascinating incentives to the buyers will play a crucial role in the future growth of electric scooters. A good projected growth rate of electric scooters is anticipated in several nations due to the demand for emission-free and energy-efficient electric two-wheelers.

However, the only obstruction or fear of its growth is the current lack of infrastructure, initial funding, and investments by the government and performance barriers that can significantly depress this sector's boom.

Being described the current scenario, safety measures, and prospects of electric scooters, it becomes important for a buyer to see whether they shall purchase them. If they plan to buy, they shall look for affordable, comfortable, and light-weighted scooters like XGT-X2 VOGUE Smart Scooters that offers them the best experience of going out for short rides.

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