WooCommerce Latest Shipment Tracking Service

WooCommerce Latest Shipment Tracking Service

The most recent variant of the WooCommerce plugins is presently incorporated with our WooCommerce UPS Shipping arrangement and accompanies a choice to refresh UPS live shipment following numbers legitimately from the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins. You can create WooCommerce Custom order status and track all shipping product by your system.

The following is the finished change feature for the WooCommerce Order Tracking Pro.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro Service

Released : August 29th, 2019

Include New Feature:

  • Provided an alternative to refresh the UPS Tracking Number(received from WooCommerce UPS Shipping module) in the Shipment Tracking Box accessible on the Edit request page.


  • Minor UI Changes: Introduced placeholder in tracking field of custom following page and presented 'Following Status'.

  • Made the following number as a hyperlink in the storekeeper's following page.

We should look at these component upgrades in detail.

Update Tracking Number Directly from WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin

We have incorporated the WooCommerce UPS Shipping module with the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro module. With this new combination, you and your clients would have the option to see the Live Tracking status of your UPS shipments. This view is accessible inside your store on the Custom Tracking Page produced by the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking module.

Improvements of WooCommerce Shipment Tracking

As referenced previously, we've acquainted a couple of new changes with the general UI of the module.

1. The Tracking Number is currently shown as a placeholder in the Tracking field meta as appeared in the picture beneath. Close to it is the Track which triggers the API to show the live following status.

2. We have conferred a hyperlink on the WooCommerce Store Owner's Tracking page. With this, you can see the following subtleties on the bearer site. What's more, to do that, you would need to empower the View on Shipment Carrier's Page choice in module settings as appeared in the picture underneath.

With the help of new Changes, you will see and use a hyperlink at the base of the Custom Tracking Page.

At the point when the incontestable alternative is clicked, it will divert you to the comparing dispatching bearer's site to follow the shipment.

Advantages of WooCommerce Shipment Tracking module for UPS Shipments

The advantages of utilizing the WooCommerce UPS Shipping module alongside WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro are unquestionably more than you anticipate. Here are some of them.

Computerized WooCommerce Shipping and Shipment Tracking

WooCommerce UPS Shipping module computerizes your entire transportation procedure and ensures you are finished with your every day dispatching undertakings in minutes.

This implies the module robotizes the entire procedure, beginning from getting delivering rates from UPS, producing bundles just as transportation names for every one of your requests, getting UPS shipment following IDs and in any event, telling your clients where their bundle is.

Consistent joining with WooCommerce

As examined before, the way toward following your bundles turns out to be extremely tiring and tedious. It's to a great extent because of the way that you need to visit another site and give request subtleties to get following IDs.

With this joining, it's a lot easier procedure as everything occurs with only a single tick. You no longer need to set up a CSV record with following numbers and transfer it to your Shipment following module, the module does it for you.

Handle 100s of UPS shipments in one go

Since the total following procedure has taken a major jump, you'll before long wind up satisfying 100s of requests in the blink of an eye.

The additional bit of leeway is your clients don't need to go to the bearer's site to follow the bundle without fail. They can essentially do that on your site which gives an even better less difficult request following experience.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugins A start to finish Shipping experience

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins is an extraordinary conveyance/dispatching arrangement that mechanizes continuous rates and gives live shipment following from your site.

In case you're utilizing UPS as your transportation bearer, you don't require some other plugins to deal with things like delivery rates, dispatching names, solicitations, creating bundles. Also, with this coordination, you are equipped for rearranging your shipment following procedure too.


The above are a few characteristics of the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro service. The alternative to refresh the UPS Tracking Number in the Shipment Tracking Box naturally can spare a great deal of your time.

WooCommerce's clients utilizing the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking module can without much of a stretch profit these advantages and enable their online store. So ensure you are running the most recent adaptation. If you are a WooCommerce user and you have to face the “413 request entity too large” error problem and you are looking for a solution for it, do not panic, your search will end here, you can see the solution by visiting our website.

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