Yii Development

YII is one of the most popular open source object oriented component based MVC PHP framework known for solving some most common issues amongst today’s users. It is an acronym of phrase, “Yes It Is” and works in the same way as its name defines. Yes, It is a solution to manny issues and was developed to address those issues. Different PHP frameworks fail to handle complex websites efficiently, and it became the reason to introduce YII. The idea of fixing major drawbacks in framework like PRADO, resulted in YII.

We, at D Amies Technologies, offer high quality YII website development services to clients throughout the world. One of the benefits of YII is the associated rich features including role-based access control, MVC, caching, I18N/L10N, authentication, DAO/ Active Record,, scaffolding and testing. We do our best to let our client get maximum of these by following a strategical and technical approach throughout the development cycle. We also work in a way to provide amazing security features comping associated with Yii including SQL injection, Cross-site scripting prevention, output filtering, and input validation.

Some of the reasons to choose YII website development services are below:

  • Proven MVC architecture
  • AJAX-enabled widgets
  • Built-in Authentication and Authorization
  • Layered caching scheme
  • Error handling and logging dynamically
  • Well-appointed security measures
  • Skinning and theming mechanism implementation
  • Easy filtration of log messages
  • No need to write repetitive SQL statements
  • Lots of helper methods
  • Rapid generation of code for CRUD
  • speedy and fine finishing websites

There are many more benefits associated with YII, which make it such a big name in web development industry. We, being a robust YII website development company follow the development process in a way that our client can get the maximum out of these. We are a team of highly, enthusiastic, experienced, technological, skilled and efficient team of YII developers with amazing industry experience. We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and modern techniques in industry, so our focus is to offer modern web applications to our client. We make it possible to let the client reach maximum number of audience and get maximum ROI as well. We have a proven record of delivering successful project to our all happy clients and some of them can be found in our portfolio..

Our YII website development services include following:

  • Web Application Development
  • Social Networking Development
  • Yii CMS Development
  • Yii Migration Solution
  • 3rd party app Integration
  • Yii Enterprise Solution
  • Yii Shopping Cart Development
  • Theme Design & Integration
  • Support and Maintenance services

Execute your planning now with us and get a quote. To contact and discuss about our services, expertise and pricing, please Contact us at info@damies.co.in or call +91 – 9929244421

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